Clean Simply Soap 60ml Edp Spray Women
Clean Perfume

Clean Simply Soap 60ml Edp Spray Women

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Clean Simply Soap Perfume by Clean, Clean Simply Soap was introduced in 2009, this softly feminine fragrance is fresh and floral. Top notes open with the tart, elegance of bergamot and heady sweet frangipani. Hints of jasmine and fruit give it a tropical, exotic aspect. The enduring heart of the perfume is a lush floral bouquet. The light, ethereal qualities of lotus mesh with the clean, intensely seductive rose notes and the green, earthy scent of violet. Musk adds subtle sensuality and highlights violetÔÇÖs powdery nuances as the fragrances dries.Explore our thousands of 100% authentic brand name men and women designer perfumes with savings up to 80%. Huge selection of Gift sets, salon brand hair care and styling products. Free shipping with purchase.

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