About the James Bond  007 Signature scent

If I talk about James Bond 007 Signature fragrance, The fragrance itself is as suave as you’d expect. Drawing its inspiration from the inherently masculine character of 007,  his British roots and his dangerously sophisticated attitude, it brings together the quenching refreshment of English apple, the elegant aroma of lavender, powerful vetiver in its most refined form, and full-bodied sandalwood for lasting smoothness.

 You can throw it on for a weekend family barbeque or dress it up with a suit and tie without it tipping the scales into Aggressive Male Musk territory.  

It is the signature scent of a modern icon: a blend of virility and vibrancy as well as seduction, and the embodiment of charm for all men.

“Its basically a special occasion” cologne. Once applied It lasted a long time.

The packaging stayed in tune with the whole 007 spy theme. It does not have a traditional cap.

 The cap lowers into the silver part of the bottom with a simple twist.  Once the cap is down you see a red dot, and this is where the cologne sprays out. It reminds me of one of those gadgets James Bond uses.

The actual bottle has a quilted diamond pattern all over. It is sleek and just screams sophistication. I would not expect anything else from the James Bond brand.

It's just dont stop here –  It comes in a set. This James bond Gift Set, featuring a 30ml EDT bottle alongside a 50ml shower gel,  a perfect gift for the Father’s Day.

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