Hugo Boss fragrances epitomize the essence of luxury, youthfulness and unconventionality that is so integral to the Hugo Boss fashion line.

When we talk about Hugo Boss colognes they have a definite masculine appeal, and some have interesting notes, like Louro Amerelo wood, that you will not find in other fragrances that makes them unique.

This is an older scent that is an excellent starting place on the road to creating an iconic scent wardrobe. It launched in 1995, and very quickly became a staple of discerning men’s grooming rituals.

Let's talk about HUGO MAN by Hugo Boss. Refreshing and invigorating, HUGO MAN is a scent that inspires confidence and demands action.

The combination of notes creates an aromatic, fresh, fruity, Smokey, and earthy composition where raw nature gets an edgy, urban attitude. Crisp green apples are in the opening of the composition, announcing the lavender accord in the fragrance's core, while the base provides Smokey and earthy under notes accentuated by fir balsam, woodsy notes and pine.

Hugo is light, airy, and fresh with equal amounts of citrus and fruity notes, making it an easy choice for matching to casual or formal situations.

The heart notes of geranium and sage echo the aromatic basil and mint, and keep Hugo Man in that cool, “in control” zone that all good masculine scents have at their core. The base is all cedar and fir, for a confident, woodsy dry down.

Now available in SET containing 75 ml EDT spray & 70 g deodorant.

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