Insurrection 100ml Edt Spray Men
Reyane Tradition

Insurrection 100ml Edt Spray Men

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Insurrection Cologne by Reyane Tradition, Insurrection by Reyane Tradition, launched in 1994, is a gourmand fragrance with a warm vanilla top note that leads into aromatic spices with amber and woody notes as the heart notes. This is cozy, intimate scent that features four different scents as the stars. Each complements and balances the others without the fragrance becoming too cluttered with unnecessary notes. It does have a long sillage and lasts for hours on the skin. The vanilla is predominant throughout, with the creamy, rich aroma of something baking. The masculinity of Insurrection is in the spicy and woody notes that round out the scent and give it its longevity. ItÔÇÖs an elegant, inviting fragrance that entices with its simplicity.Explore our thousands of 100% authentic brand name men and women designer perfumes with savings up to 80%. Huge selection of Gift sets, salon brand hair care and styling products. Free shipping with purchase.

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